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Euro Lights

Here is a message forwarded from Scott Doherty:

I own a Heavily modified 1988 5000cs tq that I have a pair of the German
issue European headlamps that I need parts for. the lights are from Bosch #0
071 301 105, and #0 071 301 106.     

I am looking for the two position inside reflector adjusters that mount into
the lower holes in the black ABS plastic case. I do not have a part number
right now, but hope to be able to publish this number soon.  As an
alternative to the lower adjusters, I may also take the motors that mount to
the same location.

Also looking for the outside grey side reflectors that replace the amber
side markers on the U.S. version. same story on the part numbers-will
publish these soon.

a little begging never hurt.

E-mail at     mcwasil@interaccess.com