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Re: Euro Low Beams

> > Can't see it I'm afraid... There will be two major differences - 
> > 1. The dip beam cutoff is much sharper and lower on a UK car than USA.
> >    This will make road-side signs hard for you to read, 'cos they are
> >    higher in the States than here.
> Don't know if the beam design is similar - I suspect it is - I have 
> Cibie Z-beams in my 280ZXT; they are a european light.  I have 
> NEVEhad trouble reading US road signs on low beam.  However, the Z-
> beams do throw a light pattern like this:
>                          /
>                        /
> ---------------------/

Just my grain of sand's worth of comment...

I just drove my uncle's spanking new MB 500 SEC. Since this was at night, 
I had to turn on the lights (wow, no stinking DRL here!). Unlike many 
cars out there, this car throws a very distinct L-shaped light throw 
(this is seen from driver/passenger seat with the lights shining on the 
garadge door):

  /         /
 /         /
-----     -----

First time it got my attention in the first place was that the light 
pattern was IDENTICAL for both left and right (if you've seen the new 
S-class coupe's headlight design, you'll also be wonder how they did it).

If someone sayz the light pattern will be significantly different between 
Euro and Merican' version, I would incline to agree it's a high possibility.

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