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Re: left a BMW 325is in my tracks

i've had one encounter with a 325i in the past.  me in the 4000 pound v8,
him in a 325i 2 door w/ sport suspension.. the kind with dark windows
and running in the daytime with fog lights on.

those of you in seattle will be familiar with the I90 westbound to I5
northbound twin lane ramp.  slightly banked, but relatively roomy.

so the bimmer plants himself 2 inches from my tail, i decided to lose
him in the curve and i did in a big fat major way.  this was in the
dry where Q advantages are supposedly insignificant.

either he was a gutless wimp or his car simply did not provide the
confidence to attack a high speed curve.  or both.  after that
encounter he hung way back, thoroughly defeated.  eventually
he crept up slowly on the straight and politely passed at perhaps
no more than 3 mph faster.

that same curve i have taken on and beaten 5 series and 7 series
bimmers.  (not that i have anything to prove, that stretch of
road is just great for cornering at a good rate)

acuras are the biggest joke.  this integra cut me off one time so i
decided to pressure him a little bit to take the curve faster than
he wanted and i saw this understeering mess of a s***box ploughing
into the other lane, over correcting and ploughing again.  hilarious.
(the road was clear so there was no danger)

most of the fun is when it's dry.  when it rains, all the boy racers
become sheep.  Q owners have never taken on other Q owners in my