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Re: left a BMW 325is in my tracks

Well done.  Keeping up in the "race' for 5 minutes on Yonge st. 
without drawing cop's attention is a performance in itself.

 The fourth generation quattro system must be much better.  I have the 
second generation '90 quattro.  I understand your's has the front EDL 
additional to the TORSEN center differential.   Does the rear have 
EDL ?   Is the rear lockable ?

> From:          Joel Cohen <joelc@hookup.net>
> Subject:       left a BMW 325is in my tracks
> Well... that was the breaking point.   I had to defend the honor of my
> brother Quattro List Members not to mention that of my new Audi A4 Quattro 5
> Speed (ie. this was a bit of a dilema as the car is not fully broken in yet
> -- still have 100 miles to go in the break-in period).  Although the BMW got
> off the line faster than me I 'zipped' by him about thirty yards later when
> I was able to get to the power band.  Our little race proceeded along Yonge
> street (ie. for those of you not familiar with Toronro, Yonge street is the
> longest street in the world) for about 5 minutes with me ALWAYS ahead.  I
> was relishing the fact that this BMW 325 is could not keep up!  The race
> came to an end at a curve --- I downshifted to third, partially floored the
> car (ie. 4750 RPM @ 70 mph) and let the quattro drive pull me through
> whereas the guy in the BMW tried doing the same but lost the back end.
> Being the intellectual giant he is, I guess he had not concluded two things
> -- 1) white falling stuff inJanuary = snow = slippery roads = no/poor
> traction for a rear wheel drive car and 2. quattro drive = superior traction
> in all weather = something that Audi has/does much better than BMW!
> To finish the story... I had to turn around as I had overshot my house.  On
> the way back I saw the BMW at the gas station.  I pulled up beside him,
> rolled down my window and told him that an Audi prooved faster as I had left
> him in my tracks for over five minutes (ha ha ha ha), an Audi had also
> proved to be a a better handling car as I  out manuvered him and that he
> ought to have respect for EVERY Audi and EVERY Audi owner he sees on the road.
> I hope that I adequately defended the honor of Audi in general, my Audi A4 Q
> and the Quattro List Members in particular.
> Long live Audi and long live Quattro.
> Bye for now,
> Joel
> 96 A4 Q 5 Speed
> P.S. Also, any views on the license plate 'MITY Q' which I am considering
> getting! 


Solomon Ngan <sngan@netaccess.on.ca>
  '93 100s
  '90 90q20v