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Re: left a BMW 325is in my tracks

>i've had one encounter with a 325i in the past.  me in the 4000 pound v8,
>him in a 325i 2 door w/ sport suspension.. the kind with dark windows
>and running in the daytime with fog lights on.

Well, I had the experience of taking on a fiesty middle aged woman
in a Mercedes Benz 3 series (320 maybe? I dunno it was dark). 
Anyway, she pulls up next to me at the stoplight and begins
creeping forward trying to 'stage' the light.  My friend actually
pointed her behavior out to me, and I decided that I wasn't going
to be put to shame by a little 6 inliner Benz.  So, light turns
green, and I pause for a second and the LAUNCH the S4... WHOOSH! 
I caught up to her and flew by SO quick the little Benz hood
ornament nearly transformed into a peace sign!  ;)  I don't
usually do the stop light races anymore, but from time to time if
I got an open stretch of road, I'll bite.  ;)  Few things compare
to the look on the face of the Mustang 5.0 owner that you just
dusted off on a straight.  :)   hehehe 

> Q owners have never taken on other Q owners in my

Ummm.... tried it once.  S4 vs 5000CSTQ... you guess who won?  I
did know the guy, so it was all in fun.  :)