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S4 for sale

I had to choose keep possibly the best car I ever had or get married, It
was a hard choice. Both are so exciting!. 
My 93 S4 Is all black. It has every  option. It is still under warranty and
all services had been done at the dealer. The car has 33K miles, mostly
Wisconsin open roads.   
I put new tires last month. The new Pirelli P7000 Supersports 225 50 ZR 16's
They are very nice handling All season tires. Quiet and very responsive.The
car has Black heated seats, Carbon fiber trim inside. 10 Disc CD
Changer-Bose System.Voice recognition cellular phone. Infrared keyless
entry and alarm system. The car cruises at 80 mph effortlessly. At this
speed the turbo is most responsive  slight pressure on the accelerator an
the S4 will launch forward to triple digits without having to shift out of
fifth. The car looks new.  I bought an extended warranty for 5 yrs. or
100,000 miles that is transferable.For $33,500 you can have the ultimate
Audi The new S6 is almost $50K
If you have any Questions you can e-mail me at castillo@caries.dental.mu.edu 
or you can leave me a message at (414) 288-5643 or 800 385-4536