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Bimmer Beaters


         I'd have to agree here.  Even comparing an A4Q and a 328i is a difficu
lt task for the Audi.  The Audi V6 only has 172hp, while the BMW six has over 1
90hp.  The Audi is a great car and quick, but so are the Bimmers.  And, yes Jer
emy, they obviously haven't gone head to head with your brother!  This is all v
ery dependant on the driver.  A friend of mine has a 318is and is a great drivi
er and can blow a lot of more powerful cars off the road because he knows how t
o drive it.  But, Tom (Jeremy's brother) puts my friend to shame.  He's had the
proper training and has driven the Z3 on BMW's test track for months now, so he
knows the car extremely well, and knows how to get it to do what he wants.  If
you raced someone like that, you'd be left behind.

        The A4 is a great car, but lacks some of the character of the I-5.  The
 A4 is very spunky...quick, but a little quirkey.  The suspension was a little
soft or "floaty" for my taste as well. I also think the ride highth could have
been lower.  There is a lot of space left inbtween the tires and the tops of th
e wheel wells.  The Goodyear tires are crap too!  I think, like Jeremy said, th
e Quattro option (now only $1,500...you'd be crazy not to get it!) would solve
most of this quirkyness and make the flow of power a lot smoother with it's dis
tribution to all four wheels.  But, I anxiously awaiting the 1.8 liter 20V 4 cy
linder engine.  I am hoping that that engine will be a little more vivatious an
d return some of that character that seems to be missing.  Also, the 1.8 liter
engine will be a lot more "tunable"!  I think with a performance chip, some upg
raded shocks, and some lowering springs, this car could be a killer machine tha
t would eat 325's for breakfast!  A few of the options from previos models were
missing on this car.  I didn't se any trip computer, and sport seats would have
been a nice option as well!  But all in all, the A4 makes a nice alternative to
the 3-series BMW, but more power and a few more options would make it a definat
e plus over the Bimmer.  And that my friends is the verdict!