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Mo' 90Q 20V's

"Bob" hisself wrote
> Not so... most were equipped with the old 10V, ONly the coupes were 100% 
> 20V, and a very FEW 90's had the 20V. Not sure of the number, but I have 
> only seen 2 others beside my own.

I picked up on this thread due to morbid curiosity.  In the last 72 
hours, I have seen TWO 4-door 90 20V Q's here in downtown College 
Station, TX where sgnatsuM and soramaC and xurtpumekciP 
(short pause here while you folks work all these out.........hey, I 
didn't invent this silly custom of writing non-Audi names sdrawkcab)
reign supreme.  Far from a hotbed of Audi-dom!  One was solid black, 
the other was gloss white.  Both had the zoomy factory bolt-together 
look wheels.  I talked to the owner of the white one (a 1990 90Q20V) 
and discovered that he bought it recently for his 16-year-old son to 
have him driving something with an air bag.  Geeeeez.  Wisht my 
parents had that kinda $$ when I wuz in college.  I had to go out and 
buy my own car - and all'z I could find wuz a little dark blue 1966 
caitnoP OTG which turned out to be one of the great (automotive)
rides of my life!

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