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Re: 5KTQ

On 18 Jan 96 at 16:35, Richard Haroutunian wrote:       
> The dealer i bought my 4KQ from just brought in a 5KTQ.  It's hot.
> It has 105K miles but it's a one-owner and it's beautious!
> They want $6,900.  What should they REALLY get?
> Does anyone have any input on how the 5KTQs hold up?  Are they reliable and
> as easy to take care of as the 4KQ?  
My 5000 (not a turbo) has 230k miles and is still running strong 
(considering it's not a turbo...).  If you keep following this list 
for awhile, you'll find that Audis, 5000s included, are notorious for 
certain specific problems (for example: the climate control's blower 
motor), but I think you'll find that with most cars, and the basic 
package is absolutely reliable.  For instance, my cars engine is 
trouble-free (aside from an uneven idle, which I think is caused by a 
dead oxygen sensor - oxygen sensors seem to last 50k-60k miles) and 
it feels as solid and is as rattle- and squeak-free as the '95 Grand 
Am I recently rented.

I've never driven a 4000, but the consensus seems to be that the 4000 
is sportier than the 5000, while the 5000 is more of a luxo-sport 
cruiser.  The 5000, however, CAN be as sporty as you want it (budget 
aside).  There are several people on the Quattro list who race 

Anyhow, best of luck, whatever you decide to do.

   '85 Audi 5ks
   '85 El Camino
   '72 Suzuki GT380 w/ front disk retrofit
   '73 Suzuki GT550 in pieces
    member Teamsters local 486