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Dealer Repair Shop....

	Well I don't know how many of you remember my 87 copue gt and how 
I somwhow bent the subframe.....(well I ran ouve something in highway 
const.) Well My original estimatwe was around $1150.00 or something 
within $100 (which is nothing now) It was going to take 2 days. Drop it 
off one afternoon pick up the next evening. Well after the insurance guy 
got off his but I finally got the car into the shop. Well That was Dec. 
17. The Insurance wanted a used subframe.... Welll the part wasn't 
availale because he waited too long. So that brought his $780 est. backup 
to $1150. Well Then it was bushings because the car could not be 
aligned(sp it's late) that was another like $400. Well still out of 
alignment Well now it's the rear axel $2200. So like it has been since 
dec 17 and I just got my car back jan 22. Now the total was $4312.78 and 
the insurance left me to pay like $952. Well The car is still screwed. My 
Emergency brake worked when I took it in. Now in the parking lot I can 
push my car with the brake in full  up position..... and going 65-70 on 
the highway I can pull it and not slow up at all. The sunroof seal was 
all torn up. My radio and CD changer do not work ... the radio alittle. 
They wanted me to fix the brakes with them.... like another $400 dollars 
or something and I told them no. I think this is why they screwed with my 
brakes. They could not have test driven the car. I drove it across the 
strees to a shopping center and it was overheating. I put a bottle of 
anti-freeze and 3/4 of a bottle of water in it. There is a rattling sound 
when I drive. There is a missing bracket on the new subframe. 	
	I have already filed one complaint with Audi of America and plan 
to file another one. and if they do not straighten out the fact that I 
did not authorize the repairs not covered under the insurance I am 
calling the credit card company and stopping payment on the $952. Anyone 
else have to take drastic steps agingt a dealer service center and does 
anyone else have any suggestions?

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