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Re: V8 lights

At 07:52 AM 1/22/96 PST, you wrote:
>I have a european headlight system for the V8 Audi 200. They are still brand
>new in the box. Complete with bulbs. I think the new price (retail) is
>around $800.00 each. I'm willing to part with these for only $350.00 each.
>Alan Stork <astork@alike.com>

I'm very interested as one our V8's headlights has a star crack in it.  Have
you heard of the euro lights being an appreciatable improvement?  Our V8's
lights are very bright and focused.

Does the set have the motorized adjusters?  What is the lamp configuration?

Other list members with this conversion:  Was there a big improvement?


John Karasaki