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struts versus wheels

Someone asked about what to replace first - struts or wheels... 
Well, here's my .02. If *everything* is in good shape, better tires will
make the most difference in your handling/ride/etc, depending of course on
what you already have mounted. My wife's 200 had a set of fresh MXV2s (4s?)
when we bought the car. I peeled those off, put on the Hakka 10s...and got
better handling! 
God, those Michelins suck. Anyway, I've got a set of XGTVs waiting to go on
the car in the spring, if spring ever *does* come back to New England.
Anyone want to buy a set of MXVs cheap? 
So let's say that everything is fine on your Audi. Go plus one on
tires/wheels, as you were thinking about. You'll get much better turn-in,
crisper handling overall, and a bit stiffer ride. Then, when the budget has
recovered, add a set of bilsteins and keep those tires on the ground...(and
get a *much* stiffer ride). 
That's how I'd do it... 
If, OTOH, something is weak, like your shocks are gone, replace those
Lee M. Levitt