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I'm a new owner of an old (84) 4000 Q. with 100K on it. I absolutely love
this car - it's the finest thing I've ever driven and it gets such confused
stares from the bigger and burlier fellows when it sails through snow and ice
like a duck on water. But here are my questions:
1) The car lived its first 90K in New York. It was well maintained, and
there's only s[pots of rust. But I'm wondering if it's worth pouring money
into at this stage? Some people shake their heads, others tell me of early
quattros like this that go to 250K and up, swearing they never die.
2) If it is worth it, who are the best people in n. california to go to for
performance upgrades (she's a little sluggish climbing steep hills)?
3) I have to make a financial settlement with my ex girlfriend revolving
around our cars (other is '71 Datsun). What's the approx value of this 4000Q
(sunroof, A/C and one door are out, front panel needs work; otherwise perfect
and nice stereo)? I thought 3K, but some of the posts I'm reading make me
think less.