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4000sq manuals, etc.


I'm still a freshman on the net here -- but all of you guys out there have
helped me so much already.  I am becoming more confident about working on my
own car.  However, I need some more help - and would really dig some feedback..

1.      Can anyone recommend a 4000sq manual/book.  I've heard bently is the
best and Haynes is the cheapest. any for sale?

2.      Muffler.. How about the Lestritz sport sound OEM from GPR?  It's
$390 in E.U.  It needs to be replaced from the diff. all the way back. 

3.      Center Differential. I can't tell if it locks!  The light doesn't
show -- but it makes the vacuum sounds when switching the lock position from
1 back to 0. Can anyone help me solve this problem??

4.      Anyone in Boston, MA know about 'The Benz Den?'  The guy owns a TQC
that is just f--king awesome -- and really seems to know his q's.  He said
his TQC could 'CLIMB BLACK DIAMOND TRAILS'   I want mine to 'climg black
diamond ski trails'



Boston, MA  617.254.3795