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As many of you know I own a '91 90 20VQ. (Put away for the winter...)
Bear with me here...

My friend has a Ford Tbird SC which is pretty quick, but I have beaten it 
MANY times. (wont get into that now...!) The only thing that is tough to 
beat on that car is a straight away race. In the proper hands the SC 
could probably easily beat the 20V in MOST conditions.  Well, tonight I 
was behind the wheel of the SC (It was in the proper hands :)   Then I 
came across a 90Q 20V on the hiway. (werent we just talking about how 
rare these are???)  Well that SOB just got up and left me so far behind I 
couldnt beleive it. The SC I beleive is 205 or so HP, about 30 more than 
my 20V. There is no way I could have caught that car in the SC.

My question: There OBVIOUSLY is a performance kit for tht car....anyone 
know anything about it? Where can I get it...what does it consist of??

I was told that there really isnt much you can to do with the atmo 20V's.

Do you think it was actually atmo? Did this guy spend serious cash? (my 
guess) or is there something I can do? Im starting to sound like a sad 
puppy arent I....

Any info much appreciated.


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