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Re: Cup holders


Yeah! I have them but I don't have a cell phone :) It can hold 3 but the 
two towards the back cannot hold a anything taller than a 12 oz paper cup.
It's looks like OEM stuff to me! :) What did you say you have underneath 
there? Remember mine is the 100 V6 base not the S/CS/CS Quattro. Finally 
I got something you guys don't have! :)

92' 100 V6 with 3 cups holder underneath the front arm rest! :)

On Tue, 23 Jan 1996, Jim Griffin wrote:

> At 12:44 AM 1/23/96 -0800, you wrote:
> >My 92' 100 V6 has cupholders underneath the front center armrest. I know
> >what you mean, it's kind of weird that luxury cars from europe don't always
> >have cupholders. I used to have a 85' 5000s which has no cupholders. I am
> >glad the 92' 100 V6 actually have them. 
> >
> >Anthony Chan
> >chan@seattleu.edu
> >92' 100 V6
> >
> >
> Whoa!! You have them? I don't!! Am I missing something here? Underneath my armrest, in the console area (if that is what you mean), I have a spot for where the cellular phone goes. And that is it. Does yours have this also? Or does yours have the cupholders instead of the place for the phone?
> I wish my car had the cupholders. I have had to put a plastic console gizmo (like the ones that fit over the "hump" on pick-up trucks and RWD cars) on the floor in front of the passenger seat just to store my coffee etc....
> Since we have the "same" car, any light you could shed on this one would be appreciated.
> Thanks!!
> Jim
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