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Re: SCREAMING 90 20v

At 08:41 PM 1/23/96 -0500, you wrote:

>My question: There OBVIOUSLY is a performance kit for tht car....anyone 
>know anything about it? Where can I get it...what does it consist of??


Ned has been known to turbo a 20v or two.  He seems to be working on cars
belonging to people not on this list, some that may never have even heard of
this list.  I talked with a guy from CA last week who does 4ksq turbo
conversions for a LIVING!  He had never heard of the list, but is pumping
out turbo 4ksq's.

Maybe Ned is doing the same thing.  With the high cost of his current
product line, he is attracting a nich market -- people who can afford to buy
high performance Audis new, then turn right around and dump a ton of money
to increase performance even more.

If you have the $$$, Ned and others can give you whatever you want.  Don't
worry about being waxed.  Just imagine how bad you'd feel if you were
driving up in the Seattle, Washington area and a very stock 4000CSQ with the
stock 14" Ronal wheels dusted you like you were riding a bicycle.  There's a
very nice man here in the NW (NOT Ned) with a 20V turbo 4ksq what could do
just that.  And last I heard, there are other offspring in the area as well,
lurking, and waiting for the unexpecting.

Happy motoring!

P.S. You wouldn't happen to have a spare, good, used wastegate for a '83 QTC
for sale, would you?


John Karasaki