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 OK here is more stuff that I found out.
The springs are progressive. The springs lower the car 20-25mm. The 
kit fits years from 09/82 thru 08/86 audi 4000 quattro - 80/90{euro 
models included}. I have read that they are fully aproved by the 
TUV. The struts and springs are replaced just like any other 
replacment, I would recomend the you do other things while you are 
there like: strut bearings, the boots and bumpers, tie rods and 
ball joints, and wheel bearings if they are needed. Well thats what 
I would do. If you can remove the strut from the car some auto 
stores will remove the spring for little cost. I have done this 
myself and its not too hard I am told they are about 20% stiffer 
than stock. On rough roads like PA roads they are abit to stiff 
somtimes but every where else I like them alot. I have a kit for my 
5000cstq and my 4000sq and enjoy the handling bennies every day.
     The price is $500.00 us dollars.    And I will deliver near by 
pittsburgh pa area.  mail me or call: 412-431-9186 

     Marty S.