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struts vs. tires

1) You say that your tires are fine in the dry, but bad in
wet/snow.  Wider, lower profile tires will make this
situation worse, all other variables being equal.  You
may want an M&S tire - eg: Goodrich touring TA or TA HR4,

2) Tires/wheels 14x6 + 195/60-14 will be about $700-900
depending on what you want, but

3) struts, installed, with new bearing caps should
be more like $450-550

4) The BOge tubogas/progas are just well liked,
and a durable.  Good trade off of damping and ride.

5) Shocks are NOT the way to cut down body roll.  Sway bars
and springs are.  BTW, the 4000q (is your a 4000q??) rolls
significantly, but sticks well.  Rolling is not necessarily
connected to poor grip.  Witness the VW GTi (old) which stuck
great, but lifted its leg like a dog (inside rear wheel).