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An E-Brake ? - '87 5kTQ

I'm not even close to my Bentley Manual, nor will I be 'till Saturday, so this
may be spelled out in there & I don't know it, but I digress.

Just got back from a trip to Colorado (Dave, SWEET Ur-Q!) & driving around in
my old (now her) '84 5kS.  When driving up the mountains towards Winter Park
(roads covered with snow) in the '84, the first thing I did was try to slide
the rear end out by giving a little throttle.  Silly me, forgot I wasn't in my
TQ, about slid off a cliff.  So, we started using the parking brake to slide
the rear end around (it was a slow, boring trip.)  The parking brake lever on
the '84 moves up to almost the first "click" before I feel tension on the
lever.  The parking brake works perfectly, I can lock the rear wheels when on
dry pavement, so I know it isn't out of adjustment.  However, the brake lever
on my TQ is tight when it is completly disengaged.  I noticed last night, after
driving the '84 5kS to the airport, flying home, then jumping into my TQ, that
my TQ drags quite a bit, and I don't really need to use the brakes when I'm in
traffic to slow down.  (It was a sad realization for me when I discovered that
I'm usually so brain-dead in traffic I've never picked this up before.)  Not
good.  The E-Brake is definately over-adjusted (huge rear-biased drag,) and is
too tight.  No wonder the rear brakes are history...  Anyhow, what is the
correct height the E-Brake lever should travel before it has tension?  How do
you adjust the E-Brake tension on a car with rear disk brakes?  I know how to
do drums, but...  TIA for any tips!!

87 5000CS TQ
84 5000S (2,000 miles away and a mile high)
90 80 (sibling's mode of transportation I get lynched into working on)