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Re: police report - final saga - and OFF TOPIC (so sue me!)

>  ... eventually, the call went through and a MAN answered!  He said 
>  she's out running an errand but should be back in a few minutes then 
>  asked if he > >could >take a message ... I mumbled something to the 
>  effect of "No, I was > >returning >her call, returning my call, etc." 
>  when he cut me off by saying > >"You're that >guy with the Audi who ran 
>  into her friend the other week..." > 

	GOOD COLLEGE TRY!!!  Listen:  you at least got her ATTENTION, or
	she wouldn't have been talking about you!   You sorry you took a
	risk?  I'll tell you about the time a desireable guy I know from my car
	club took my name/phone number/address to give to someone else for
	club business.  He commented to me:  "Hey!  Give me your name and
	phone number, and I'll call you and we'll start going out and stuff!"
	Which started me thinking.  Later I had a reason to call him for club
	business, (which was going to give me an opening, you see) and who 
	answers the phone?  His kid!  When I ask for him, the cute kid screams
	into the background:  "MOMMY!  When's daddy coming home?"