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Anyone interested in D&W catalogs???

I may be able to pick up a few D&W catalogs in Germany in late February.

How many should I get?  

Please email me directly at es61@prism.gatech.edu and use "I want a D&W"
or something like that for the subject 
so I don't have to read the messages each time.  I plan to delete
responses and just get an approximation of how many people would like a

I understand they are cheaper in Germany than U.S.  I do not want a
profit, just my cost plus postage.

If/When I get the catalogs, I will make a post and them available on first
come, first serve basis (except for my copy and one other person who asked
me to get him one - I can't recall who, but I have his message in my files).

Eric Schumacher