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Re: taurus SHO

My favorite place to overtake some J*$% is the offramp coming off I-90 
West to I-5 North. Eliot, you are probably familiar with it since you live in
Seattle. It has a sign says 30mph I usually blast pass the guy who p$%@ me
off on the outside lane at 60-65mph :) I remember 2 weeks ago this guy 
caught up with me at the red light on Madison Street exit, he pulled up 
next to me in his lowered Integra, his girlfriend lowered the windows and 
said something like 'It sure didn't look that fast and it's not lowered'. I
just smiled and said "It's just a big german boat with a V6, I am too old for
a boyracer." :)

It's always funny when alot people are surprised by how well all the big 
body Audi handle on the curves. I can never beat some of them on a drag 
race but it always fun to zoom past them on curves :)

Anthony Chan
92' 100 V6

On Wed, 24 Jan 1996, Eliot Lim wrote:

> well, i took one on one time... not on the straight, but in the
> curves of course....
> he zoomed by me on the twin lane on ramp entrance, maybe doing 70+
> or so...  (I-5 north to 520 east)
> i decided to follow him to see how fast he could turn...
> not very.
> he was see-sawing through the turn.  the car was very clearly
> unsettled.  which allowed me to cruise right up to let him
> know that he can't corner worth a damm...
> to salvage some pride he decided to blast off right when the
> road straightened, but it was in vain as there was traffic
> ahead and he had to come screeching back to 55...
> moral of the story:  take them on in the curves.  make 'em
> sweat bricks while you enjoy your mountain dew....  :)
> kinda fun to toy with them like that...
> eliot