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Re: S6 blowing fuses

On Wed, 24 Jan 1996, Reid Philip Meyer wrote:

>         I have some info that may help with this fuse problem.   Over
> Christmas, my family and I went to Minnesota (in a Dodge Caravan) and one by
> one fuses were blowing out.   Turns out there were two problems.   The
> rheostat on the dimmer for the interior lights was stripped and causing
> shorts.    The other problem was a stripped wire rubbing against the body
> when the sliding door was opened.   The symptoms of the latter was only
> noticed by us 'cause the int. lites went out when door opened.   My
> suggestion to you is try to think of any event that you were doing when the
> fuses went.   If it's not one of the two aforementioned problems, at least
> the activity-short connection will help lead mechanics to the problem.
> Good luck.

Hi Reid. Good info. I wouldnt suspect its the sliding door on Rich's S6 
however. :)
I recently Debugged an electrical prob on my uncles A6. (possibly the 
same as S6??) There was a harness over the steering column under the 
dash that was held up by a wire tie. This tie wasnt there and the harness 
was resting on the steering column. He complained about blown fuses when 
the AC was on, and that the brake lights would blow their fuse. (dont 
know the numbers, sorry)
I repaired the wires that were grounding out on the column, and its been 
fine ever since.


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