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struts vs. tires.

>1) You say that your tires are fine in the dry, but bad in
>wet/snow.  Wider, lower profile tires will make this
>situation worse, all other variables being equal.  You
>may want an M&S tire - eg: Goodrich touring TA or TA HR4,

That point I am aware of, but I don't see it getting much worse than
it already is...  Even in the dry, these tires are soooooo hard that
they prefer to skip on the pavement, rahter than the typical squeal
if I really hammer it...  

>2) Tires/wheels 14x6 + 195/60-14 will be about $700-900
>depending on what you want, but

Well, I didn't want to piss off the Audi Gods by guessing too 
low *grin*  My optimum are a pair of 5 or six straight spoke
wheels like volvo is using...  No flames please, I like'm!

>4) The BOge tubogas/progas are just well liked,
>and a durable.  Good trade off of damping and ride.

OK, are they the same on left and right, all the way around, 
or is it a set of 4 different...  My buddies 'merican car
needs FOUR diffenrt struts... Sheesh.
>5) Shocks are NOT the way to cut down body roll.  Sway bars
>and springs are.  BTW, the 4000q (is your a 4000q??) rolls
>significantly, but sticks well.  Rolling is not necessarily
>connected to poor grip.  Witness the VW GTi (old) which stuck
>great, but lifted its leg like a dog (inside rear wheel).

Just a 4ks...

Well where I lose it...  When accelerating into a curve the
inside tire just spins, then as I straighten out the wheel
the dif evens it out and the car leaps forward...  I think (hope)
struts will help keep that guy a little closer to the center
of the planet...  Same thing on the outside tire (skips sideways)
If I deccelrate in a turn...  I could live with roll if I could have
two tires on the ground *grin*/


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