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QCUSA PIR Event Cancelled?

At 09:36 AM 1/24/96 -0800, you wrote:
>John, I was out buying parts last weekend and ran into someone who was a 
>member of a local (Seattle area) chapter of the Quattro club.  When I asked 
>him about a QC event in Portland he said it had been cancelled.  Any way to 
>    -Eric (ericha@wrq.com)


I spoke with Kent Anderson the President of QCUSA two days ago.  He said
Portland was a go.  He's coming out with the van (needs it to take the coupe
parts he's buying from me back home!) with all the gear this time.  I also
just got the PIR 1996 event schedule.  It shows QCUSA driving school on
3/1-2.  Some in the Northwest Quattro Club think PIR is too expensive.  At
$250 per person, I think it is the cheapest QCUSA school in the country.
How much do Lime Rock, Brainerd, or Steamboat events cost?


John Karasaki