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Re: QCUSA/PIR driving event price

> Some in the Northwest Quattro Club think PIR is too expensive.  At
> $250 per person, I think it is the cheapest QCUSA school in the country.

... I think that you are correct there.  The one thing that I have wondered 
about is how much the cost of the event is affected by mandates from QCUSA.
I suppose I'll find out about that soon enough.  In reality when you consider 
the fact that the event is a two day event, the price isn't THAT bad, but FYI 
I have been attempting to find out about other ways to get track time as well.
The BMW clubs seem to be willing to have Audis share the track with them, and 
I believe that their event price is a little cheaper (you do have to attend 
an approved driving school before attending a track event).  I have also been 
in contact with a group called NASA (National Auto Sport Association).  They 
seem to be primarily a West Coast (USA) operation, perhaps even only local to 
California, but they also offer driving schools at venues such as Sears Point 
and Thunderhill.  The nice thing about becoming affiliated with NASA is that 
they have a number of events scheduled throughout the year (at least out 
here).  For those who are more seriously into racing they offer several rac-
ing series as well.  As a matter of fact I was a little surprised to see a 
picture of the champion of one of the races in the newsletter ... and Audi 
Coupe GT.

Steve Buchholz
San Jose, CA (USA)
Coordinator Nor Cal/Nevada Chapter QCUSA