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Re: V*lv* rear fog lights

On Thu, 25 Jan 1996, Eric Schumacher wrote:

> changed -- my 740 wagon had two of them. They > were extra bright, and
> there was a warning in the owners manual > that they were to be used only
> under poor visibility conditions. > There was a switch on the dash to turn
> them on. 
> Then why the devil do so many ovloV owners in my area leave the damn
> things on?  

hey, you are not alone.  the 850 is a great car, but it is the
stereotypical &*&^#%@%$% ovloV owners who leave their #$%^&* rear
foglights on all the time that make me stay far far away from ever
considering buying one.  not to also mention the self-righteous left
lane hogging.  driving at 56 mph will kill you and the rest of planet
earth...  grrrrr.

but the demographics also suggest that ovloV owners will probably not
react violently to a strong dose of high beams as a
response... (tongue firmly in cheek) :)

disclaimer: i do fully recognize the existence of reasonable and
considerate ovloV owners.  just a few truly rotten apples ruin the
batch, unfortunately....  to be fair, what obnoxious things do
stereotypical audi owners do?