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Re: 95+ S6 performance upgrades, speed limiter

>From: Hans Frisak <frisak@telepost.no>
>Date: Wed, 24 Jan 1996 19:37:06 +0100
>Subject: Re 95+ S6 performance upgrades
>At 16:12 22/1/96 CST, Ed Spire wrote:
>>3.  Replace the standard exhaust setup with a single 3 inch run, good
>>for about another 25 HP.  I didn't get the price on this one...
>I doubt that this figure is right unless you skip the catalyst and the rest....
>MTM is offering a silencer which will add another 5 hp for a standard car or
>chiptuned car.  I'm afraid this is the more correct figure :-(
>I had a 92 Subaru Legacy Wagon 2.0 turbo which was chiptuned from 200 up to
>295hp for street use by a rallycross racing tuner here in Norway (Simco). In
>order to achieve this power, I had to replace the stock catalyst with a
>racing catalyst (which set me back some 1500$).  The racing catalyst in
>itself did not give significant power increase, but the reduced back
>pressure allowed him to modify the chip more. (turbo pressure, ignition
>timing, more fuel etc.)  
>What I am trying to say is that a new exhaust setup does not give
>significant power increase unless it is matched with the engine management
>to take advantage of the reduced back pressure.
>Another thing is ofcourse that it adds to the image of the car with some big
>bore tail pipes and matching sound..... :-)  but for power, well....

I checked in again with Schaumberg Audi while I was there to pick up my
fuse-blowing wagon (they still can't make it reproduce), this is a
single 3" line with a racing muffler and a large short catalyst.  They
claim that the new exhaust system by itself is good for 20 HP, a bit
more when use in combo with the modified ECU and RS2 manifold.  Cost is
about $1500, so it's the most expensive of the options they offer.
I'll probably just do the modified ECU for now.

BTW, they also said that the 128 MPH speed limiter on the S6 can be
un-done with the detachment of a single wire.  I suppose I'll
eventually find out which wire that is, and if so I'll post the info.
Anybody already know which one?

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