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V8 auto tranny problem (?)

	Allright - you all probably know ( unless you have learned to 
ignore me by now ) that I am looking at a V8 (quattro obviously), year 
1990 with ~120k mi on it.
	It is in super good excellent condition, except the red paint 
could use a good buffing to make it the bright red it should be. I was 
test driving it the other day, and I heard a sound that sounded like it 
was coming from the center of the car. Maybe a little bit behind the 
automatic's "shifter". I only heard it on HARD acceleration ( :) in first 
gear if I remember correctly. It was sort of a grinding, growling noise. 
I have absolutly NO experience with auto transmissions, so I am not sure 
if this is a tranny problem, a exhaust problem, just more character that 
the car has, if the differentials are jacked, etc...
	I have heard of the growl/popping/crackling noise that the 90-91 
coupe quattro 20v's sometimes have ( driven one like this - some have it, 
some do not. I do not know why this is..? ), and this noise was not like 
that. If that is of any help.

So - are there any auto-tranny owners with a similar noise? Any NON-auto 
tranny owners with a similar noise? 
Is this something to worry about? Or something to say ' hey check out 
this cool noise my car makes when I make it fly!! '. 

I think it happened around 4-4.5k RPM and again at 5.5-6k RPM ( not for a 
whole 500 rpm, but for brief instant, somewhere in that range )

brooks  ' I think I love V8's. '