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Re:Screaming Mercedes Benz 2.3-16

Hi Mike, et al,

The MB 2.3-16 is a sweet little car. It's more than a 190 with a trunk lid
spoiler. It has most of the suspension pieces from the 300E, a limited slip
diff, and other goodies. Not only is it quick in a straight line, but it 
handles great, too. It has the classic front engine, rear wheel drive 
handling characteristics. A buddy of mine has one, and I had one on my 
"list of cars to check out" when I was looking (before I found the ur-q).
Definitely a neat 80's car. If I had to put together a list of cool cars
from the 80s (that made it to the US) that are cheap now but will be classics
in a decade or so, the MB 2.3-16 would be on it. As would the E30 M3, the
944 turbo S, and of course the ur-quattro. Maybe any 80s M car would qualify
(M5, M6), although they're not that cheap. And maybe a mid-late 80s 928S/S4.
Or Lotus turbo Esprit. Hmmm. I dunno.

Anyway, the 2.3-16 is cool stock, and is mildly tweekable. Not so much with
the engine unless you increase the displacement, but there are some good
suspension parts available. European Car did a write-up on one recently. 
Somebody did all the mild tweeks to one. Things like K&N, chip, wheels, 
springs, struts/shocks. Looks nice, is fun to drive, and is as practical 
as you can get (except for a station wagon).

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