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Intermittent Wiper Relay

> The variable wiper interval relay is an over-the-counter Volkswagen part in
> the US.  The system was standard equipment on a number of VW models from
> around '92-95.  I heard that it was dropped recently and the VWs are now back
> to the fixed interval relay used by Audi.
> Don't know the price or part number any more, but I plugged one in as a
> direct replacement for the wiper relay on an Audi 90 and it worked perfectly.
> It's very intuitive when you understand it (but it's behavior is a bit
> perplexing to the uninitiated).

I just stopped by my local VW dealer this morning to do some research.

The part# is: 1HM 955 531A, and it replaces the Audi part# 443 955 531.
This is used in most Audis from mid-80's on (maybe '87+?). The relay
is in the fuse/relay box, next to the fuses, third from the front of
the car. It is white, with a "271" stamped on the top in big numbers.

The new one dropped right into my '89 100Q, and works as follows:

	1) turn wipers to "intermittent" (*not* mist)
	2) turn off
	3) wait time interval you want
	4) turn back to intermittent, it will repeat that interval.

P.S. - anyone need a slightly used old-style fixed interval relay?


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