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Re: Racing catylyst????

At 14:14 24/1/96 -0500, you wrote:

>could you please tell me more about the "racing" catylytic convertor? Here in
>the US, catylytic convertors are mandatory, but the cat on my quattro 
>sufficates it big time. I'd like to put a free flowing catylyst in that
>gives me legal exhaust with miniml backpressure. Where did you get the
>racing catylyst? From Subaru, or is there a manufacturer/distributor I
>can contact directly?

The emission rules here in Norway are quite stringent requiring catalysts,
even though they were not introduced by law until 1988 (I think). The racing
catalyst I installed in my car was an Oberland Mangehald, manufactured in
Germany. This may very well be used in Audi.  It provides extreme low back
pressure (you can actually see through it!). It still fulfils the emission
requirements, how it does it puzzles me, but still. It cost approx. 1500$
here in Norway.

All the best,
Sandvika, Norway
92 S4 Avant