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Re: S4, S6 performance upgrades

At 17:37 25/1/96 CST, you wrote:
>this is a single 3" line with a racing muffler and a large short catalyst.
>claim that the new exhaust system by itself is good for 20 HP, a bit
>more when use in combo with the modified ECU and RS2 manifold.  Cost is
>about $1500, so it's the most expensive of the options they offer.
>I'll probably just do the modified ECU for now.

Yeah, I think you are better off with that. 
I called my "pusher" SIMCO today. They are specialising in computer (chip)
preparation of rallycross cars (Cosworths producing some 400-500hp), but he
had also chiptuned 4-5 Audi S4 and some Ur-Quattros (these by mechanical
means).  He has a fully computerized rolling road for 4WD which provides
full torque/hp readouts. (He demonstrated one Cossie producing 400 hp, which
started without any fuzz, and ran very smoothly at 700 rpm on idle,
.....everything is in the programming!!)

SIMCO program chips which give 300hp to the S4/S6 without any other
modifacations, but that a new wastegate spring was essential to keep the
pressure (1,3 bar) on all rpms. (Mine is dropping to 1,2-1,1 at high rpms,
so I ordered a new spring from him immediately, costing me some 100$). I
will go there to have it installed, and test my car on the rolling road.
(......Yes I will keep you posted).  The racing catalyst for this
modification would not give more peak horsepower, but better torque at low rpms.

If I replaced the turbo and installed an extra fuel injector, he could
program the chip to give 1,5 bar, giving some 330-340 hp. This modification
required the racing catalyst.  He saw no point in changing the silencer as
the back pressure in that was negligible compared to the catalyst.

The cost of these goodies were:
Turbo kr. 7.000,- + 23% tax
Fuel Injector: kr 3.500,- + 23% tax
Chip and tuning on rolling road: kr 8.000,- + 23% tax
Catalyst kr 8.780,- + 23% tax

6.50kr = 1.00$
The cost level in my country is very high and the cost in US or Germany is
much less.
(A new S6 Wagon is currently priced at kr 850.000,- (some 130.000,-$)  :-( 

All the best,
Sandvika, Norway
92 S4 Avant