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Re: A4 V6 mods

steveb@newkla.kla.com writes:
> > I hate to burst this festivity party mood thing going on here, but I 
> > think the new A4 is just enjoying what I call "new model phenomena" in 
> > which the car is sold in more-than-anticipated rate shorty after release. 
> > 
> ... not too sure about that last statement.  I've read that Ford has had to
> resort to massive incentives in two of their last new model introductions/
> refreshes.  I'm speaking about the Contour/Mystique and Taurus/Sable.  You 
> are correct in stating that time will tell, but the fact that a company that 
> is selling cars in the volume that Audi has of late is able to experience
> such a "new model phenomina" does speak to the quality of the car.  I'm won-
> dering if it isn't the safety aspect ... I've seen a lot of press on the A4's 
> safety numbers.  

Not to mention the fact that the A4 is just such a gorgeously styled
shape.  It is refreshing to have such a clean form in the midst of
overdone, curve-laden cars from other companies (The new Taurus is
the epitome of such a genre).  The A4 is not only done of good taste
on the outside, it is equally well thought out inside.  The dash design
and seating are simply elagant.  This is also in contrast to the
garish "let's put as many curves and bulges as possible into the thing"
school of thought found in most other new cars.

I applaud Audi for exercising such good judgement and restraint in
the A4's design.  I think Audi's approach will withstand the test of
time, and age far more gracefully than the other trendy cars.  Previous
Audis have all had this quality, and I don't think the A4 will be
any different.

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