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horn upgrade

This is a real mild tech article :).
My horns were dead on the 4000, so I bought a Hella dual
trumpet air horn kit from Imparts ($25).  It includes a small
compressor, two trumpets, relay, hoses and a T.  On the Audi,
since it has a relay already, just use the existing wiring.
The compressor is supposed to be mounted vertically, but I
couldn't find a good spot for it, so this is what I did:

- the stock pair of horns are mounted on a plate (10mm bolts) which
itself is bolted to the car via a 13mm bolt in the center of the

- I removed the plate and horns, and bolted the two trumpets to
the same holes used by the old horns.

- I then used the new 13mm bolt to go through the center of the plate
and support the compressor in a horizontal position at the same

- I split the air hoses and connected them to the compressor and 
trumpets using the T.

- The stock horn connectors plug right into the connectors on the
compressor.  Since there is an extra pair for the second horn, I just
taped and wiretied them out of the way.

- I bent the plate slightly to point the horns down (so water will
run out).

BRAAAP!!! Move it Mr. ovloV! :)

| Dan |
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