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Re: Rear fog light(s)

My 92' 100 also has one rear fog light on the left. If you look closely 
on the right side tail lens you'll notice there is no reflector behind 
the right side one.

Anthony Chan
92' 100 V6

On Thu, 25 Jan 1996, linus d. toy wrote:

> At 05:03 PM 1/24/96 -0800, Eric Harman wrote:
> >I've got a '91 200 Quattro 20v sedan and I think the right rear fog light 
> >is out.  I say think, because I read the posts recently about left-side 
> >only fog lights on other models.  The reason I'm not sure is that the 
> >owner's manual for the car talks about fog lightS.  Also, there is wiring 
> >on both sides of the car.  Of course, from what I can see the car uses a 
> >two filament bulb, one for regular rear parking lights and the second 
> >filament for the fogs.  
> My '91 200q20v has a rear fog light only on the left side.  I believe that
> is the way the car was delivered from the factory.  As previously discussed
> here, a *single* bright rear helps to distinguish the rear fog from brake
> lights (equal brightness, but two of them)  That there is wiring there may
> be so that Audi can rationalize their wiring harnesses for RHD countries.
> Or, a PO may have added the wiring and changed the socket from the tail lamp
> socket to the tail lamp/fog lamp socket--i've heard of this from a guy down
> in portland.
> >Anyway, I found that I had left side only, so I swapped the bulbs as a 
> >Level 1 diagnostic and found that I then had a right rear fog light ALL the 
> >time and a left rear fog light none of the time.  
> i guess the next test would be to use two known good bulbs--do you then get
> l & r rr fogs?
> >I think this means: your original right rear fog light bulb had the high 
> >filament burned out and your right side fog light is shorted on.  
> >
> >Questions?  Comments?  
> >
> >    -Eric (ericha@wrq.com)
> --linus
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