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Motoring News on the Ur-Q

     There was an excellent article in the British weekly auto sport 
     newspaper Motoring News (last weeks) on the 15th anniversary of the 
     ur-q. A full page picture of an '81 ur-q on the cover and two pages 
     inside. The text included an interview with Hannu Mikola, I 
     particularly liked his comments on the quattros first WRC stage where 
     the other drivers were betting what time the quattro would post 
     compared to the competition. The other drivers reckoned it would be 
     about 7 seconds slower, Hannu's co-driver reckoned 7 seconds faster - 
     imagine the surprise when after 1 stage he was 56 seconds faster and 
     over took a Lancia during the stage! Interestingly Hannu had 
     bittersweet memories of the car, his biggest criticism being 
     reliability (now there is something I can relate to).
     ... now all we need is to convince these wacky German's to rally the 
     A4 and hire Colin McRae, come to think of it I believe Walter Treser 
     is looking for a job too!
     Regards, Mike