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Climate Control System Making Noise - UPDATE

My original posting was as follows:

>Before getting to the details let me point out that the following
> problem is ocuring on a three week old Audi A4 Quattro.  Thus
> the reason for my concern!
>On to the problem.....  A 'rubbing'/'whiring' noise is coming from
>or near the passenger side air vent.  I know that the problem is
>related to the climate control system as when I change the 
>settings and/or direct the flow through that vent the 'rubbing'/'whiring' 
>noise becomes more/less pronounced.  Before I go to the Audi dealer 
>bright and early tomorrow morning (the Audi gods should know that
>I need sleep after working a 75 hour week) I would appreciate responses
>to the following:
>1.  Does anyone have any idea what iscausing this problem?
>2.  Does anyone have any idea how I can solve the problem?
>3.  Is the problem sever enough that I should go to Audi tomorrow 
>AM rather than wait 2 to 3 weeks when the car will be going in for its 
>1000 mile checkup?
>4.  Any additional advice/comments beyond the above questions.

I have since been to my Audi dealer.  In addition to learning that my Audi
dealer will only deal with emergencies on Saturdays [ie. I could not believe
the service manager told me this] I was told that the noise/problem was
caused by a sticky air vent flap (evidently the air vent flap that controls
[ie. read closed/opens] the air flow to the passenger side air vent is
sticky and the noise I am hearing is the air vent flap motor continuosly
trying to close/open/regulate the air vent flap.).  I was also told that by
driving the car over the weekend, as I have an appointment for 8:00 AM
Monday morning, I would not risk burning out [ie. ruining] the motor.  To
this end:

1.  Does the explanation of the cause of the noise/problem make sense?

2.  Does the fact that I will not damage the air vent flap motor make sense?

3.  Should I, as a precaution, drive the car with the climate control in the
manual mode with all air flowing through the defroster/top vents over the


96 Audi A4Q
License Plate = "MITY Q"