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82 Coupe

re: 82 coupe, $1700, 88k miles, leather etc

The cupe's were nice cars.  Good back seat room,
good handling, solid, dependable.  They had the
5-cyl engine and 5-speeds (usually).

However, there is a big difference in pre- and post- 1984
models.  In 1984 the Coupe became the Coupe GT.  It received
a 130 hp engine in place of 110 hp.  It got (needed) shorter
"close ratio" gearing, and a few suspension mods as well.

TRhe car became much more of a driver's car, and won C/D's
GT shoot-out.

For 1700 and 88k miles, you're probably getting a good car.
But have it checked well.  ABout 75k is when audis start
to eat many $200-300 items - starters, water pumps, etc,.
and we are talking a 14 year old car here.