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Sunroof Switch fix (light not working)

I fixed the light in the sunroof switch today here is how I did it:
Tools needed:	philips screwdriver
		dental pick
		10mm nut driver
		feeler gage
		soldering iron
		heat sink

-Remove the switch assembly from the car.
-Remove the trim ring from the switch using the dental pick.  It has plastic
snap locks on the longer sides.
-Use the dental pick to pry the rocker from the switch.  It snaps into two holes
in the middle.  There is a thin film covering the light leave this intact.
-Pry one of the lower sides of the switch up and insert the feeler gage.  The
black housing is attached to the guts of the switch in the same manner that the
trim plate is attaced to it.  This will free up one side.  Pry the otherside up
and with a little  work they will separate.  Remove the two little inserts that
push the contact points.
-Go to Radio Shack and get a 2pack of T-1size LED's Cat No. 276-026A.
-Remove the old LED and replace with a new one.
-Test the LED before you put the switch back together.  Don't forget to replace
the little inserts that push the contact points or you have to disassemble the
switch again.  Not that I made this mistake - oops :-)

Good luck - hope this helps.


Robert Bauer
'88 80q