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Pirellis, Sunroof light, OEM struts, O2 sensors


I have some miscellaneous questions:

1. Pirelli tires: Does anyone have any opinions on Pirellis? Over the past few months, we've talked about tires, but I don't recall anyone talking about Pirellis. I am going to buy tires real soon, and am considering the Comp T/A VR4s or perhaps Pirelli P6000 M/S or some other Pirellis.

Also, I have 195/65/15 tires on now, and according to a tire sizing/compatibility book I checked, I can put on either 205/60/15 or 215/60/15 tires. The tire size inside the fuel filler door, with recommended pressures, lists 215/60/15. Why did A of A put 195/65/15s on? For a better ride? If I put the 215s on, will the car's computer/odometer/speedometer/ABS etc.. be greatly affected? Will the ride quality be affected? Will it corner better?

2. I just noticed that on my '92 100S, the sunroof switch is not always lit up. But it seems to go on and off intermittenly (well, I haven't taken the time stare at it for great lengths of time....all I know is that it is not on constantly when the headlights and instrument panel lights are on). When I turn on the overhead light (which is located in the same area as the sunroof switch), it seems to go on for a couple of seconds, then go off. And sometimes, out of the corner of my eye, I see a quick flash of orange light (that's how I discovered it the first time), where it just went on and off. Do I have a short or a loose connection? The sunroof opens and closes fine.

Any other '92 + owners have this problem? Does everyone else's light up?

3. My car is just turning 70k miles. How long do the OEM struts/shocks last? Am I due for a change? I get some vibration on the highway, and am wondering if this is the struts/shocks, or bad tires. (I know I need new tires, they are making a lot of noise, and seem worn/cupped, and I'VE driven them 20k miles, who knows how many before that, although there is a lot of tread left.) I am going to replace the tires first, and then go from there. (I've BTDT as far as replacing struts for vibration etc... only to find out the tires were bad!!)

4. How long do the OEM O2 sensors last? Again, I am at 70k miles... should I replace them soon, just for preventive maintenance? (I believe someone here said that the V6 has two of them??)

Sorry for the long bandwith... these questions have been building up. Any insight would be appreciated.


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