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Looking for AC comp and visor, note about list

Hey-quick note:
I'm still searching for a used(or new, I guess) AC compressor.  It turns
out that it isn't a AC/Delco, but a Nippodenso(AC/Delco=$.
Nippodenso=$$$$$$, figures).  It's for an 87 5kCST.  If you remember, a
while back, I wrote a question to the list about the quoted price of $800
for compressor(600, I think), plus refrigerant(yikes!200?), but no
labor(because they screwed up the last 2-3 compressors, and this one was
making noise from the start.  They said it would "work out" but it never
did, and got so bad I had to pull the AC/clutch relay so I could use the
clim. control.)
   If anybody sees an 87(maybe 88 too?) 5k smashed, but an OK looking
compressor, please let me know-I'm gonna need it and I had lots of problems
with fogging this winter.  Note-the 86(I think 86) was NOT a
nippodenso-they switched from AC/Delco to nipp. that model year(the bently
shows a Delco in the exploded parts sketch)
   Trying to find the part # on the compressor, I noticed a Mercedes symbol
stamped on the end, and an Audi part number, a Mercedes part number, and a
Nippodenso part number.  Yikes!

One wonders if the extra $$ is because of the Mercedes symbol :)

Oo-keep your eye out for a drv. side visor too!
Thanks to all for putting up with this repost of an outstanding "look out
for"-I really appreciate it, as I don't have a lot of $ to throw around
(like some of us here who don't have the $ or time to worry about
suspension/brake upgrades, fancy tires, etc.*), and so I need to find used
parts.(Who can afford a $240 sun visor?  Not me!)
(BTW, we think that the compressor's bearings are shot, and that's making
the aweful noise.  Has anybody rebuilt these suckers, has anybody tried,
but not been able to?  ie sealed up, welded, etc. etc. not openable?  I'd
like to try rebuilding it, after all, that worked for the st. wheel switch

Thanks everybody,

*Sorry to offend some, but a few I've talked to some who are on the list
say the same thing.  Sure, we all like to talk about the latest and
greatest in brakes n'stuff, but not much is said to the group as far as
answers to a lot of
I-can't-get-to-work-because-my-car-did-this-can-anybody-help-me-please type
questions.  Much as discussing neat, cool things are,(and please, I don't
mean to rain on anybody's parade, and I don't want another flame war, we're
above that, being mature adults), could people please try to help out the
guys on the bottom who don't have all the neat toys?  I understand that a
lot happens outside of the group(ie someone someone else direct), and I'm
not denying that-it's great.(Though I've recieved many requests from others
that say "Hey, if anybody replies about that whatever, could you pass it
on?" because often replies are to just the person who wrote the question,
and not to the list for fear of taking up too much "bandwith" with stuff
most won't care about.  This goes under the heading of, "if nothing is
said, then no one will know"
   Please understand that I'm not out to get you pro's, and I'm not
ungrateful for the replies that I've recieved from the "big guys/frequent
posters" on the list(thanks again), and I'm sure that a lot of others have
had the same kindness extended to them.  But so many questions from
quattro-list "newbies" are lost down the drainpipe because the more
knowledgable say "oh, the moron, that's on the archive/digest/whatever.
Eventually, he'll look there and find out himself."
  Don't believe me?  Think back.  Remember some of those "unsubscribe"
messages we get inundated with?  I noticed a while ago that they would post
a question (after subscribing, I assume) that was simple or had already
been talked about, there would be no reply to the list, then a couple of
messages about the latest race or something, and then a day or two later,
there would be an unsubscribe message from the same person.  They thought
they could get help, and not only did they not get that help, but others,
so to speak, passed them in the fast lane without a look in their mirror.
They realized their post had been ignored, were silent, and unsubscribed(or
tried to, and recieved a dozen sudden, out of the blue flames from people
who hadn't cared about their post but, man, should they dare to make that
person spend 1 second hitting the delete key, they got flamed like hell!
Must make that person feel like shit and never want to even dare trying to
use a list again.)  It's so easy for those of us who are more experienced,
be it the cars we drive or the computers we use or administer/use to look
down on those  who have just started.  You probably forgot about the first
day you had your quattro in the snow and you weren't sure what differential
lock to use, do you?  Or the first day your engine started making a
clicka-clicka-clicka noise when it was cold.  You probably don't remember
thinking, "oh, shit, what the hell is wrong with it?".  If you were a
mechanic, you most likely guessed lifters, or something close.  If you're
the type who'd stab yourself if someone gave you a screwdriver, you'd think
lifters were what those guys in the weight room were called.
   So let's all be nice, try to help people who we might otherwise frown
down upon as an idiot, or someone who's too lazy to spend the extra $$ on a
new part, or someone who's too lazy to read the archives(remember, some of
us might not have Web access, and if you try to tell me it's not confusing
to send requests to majordomo for previous articles, "I got a bridge I'd
like to...")
  I also realize that this all sounds really 70's ish and all that
yippy-skippy-happy-lets-all-be-friends-shit, but could we all try to be
more considerate,helpful, etc.?  Obviously, we shouldn't all send mail
polietly telling the person how to unsubscribe, but maybe someone could
figure out how to get the list server to NOT distribute messages entitled
"unsubscribe quattro"?  I don't know enough about listservers, so it may be
impossible, but, you get the idea-a minute of thought saves hours of
work...I also realize that this _is_ a "quattro enthusiast" list, but if
only a few will get the joke about how silly Bob-so-in-so looked at last
saturday's race, could ya save everybody else's mailbox and take the time
to send it to those few who would understand/get the joke?  Every day,
there are zillions of those, and yes, they're often funny for most to
read(don't get me wrong, comic relief is a good stress-buster when your
car's brakes keep freezing making you late every day, and there's no fix in
sight except $$$, or other frustrating problems that your friendly
dealer/mechanic can fix for 500 bucks)  Unfortunately, the nature of this
"medium" makes it difficult to know when to respond-there's always the
thought, "oh, what if 50 other people sent this guy info about how to
change his oil."  Often, this results in the question not being answered at
all-and that's a shame.

I'd love to hear other people's thoughts about this kind of stuff, and I'm
fairly certain there are many others out there who feel like they're
shouting "help me" in a very big room full of people, and not being hear.
I'm also fairly sure that there are less of a percentage of people that are
the real pro's who usually post-Bob Damato and Eric Fletcher are two names
of great guys who have been really helpful(sorry if I forgot somebody, but
these guys have been very helpful and kind)- as opposed to people who
aren't quite as swift with a turbocharger.  I'm sorry if there are and of
you die-hards out there are upset that "your" list has gone to the dogs,
and I know how it feels to have "too many cooks in the kitchen"-it's true
of any group-classes, lectures, lists, newsgroups, chats, meetings, you
name it- unless it's handled well(something that is _very_ challenging and
difficult).  Perhaps everybody should think of possibly having a
moderator(gasp!) who would do things like screen out the
unsubscribes+n'stuff-you know, a fatherly-type moderator who looks out for
everybody.  Only problem, I guess, is that there aren't many who have the
time, patience, skill, charm, luck, etc. etc.
My sincere apologies if I've fucked up big time and we do have a
moderator.... :o

To wrap up(boy this is a big footnote!), I guess I'm asking everybody to
help out a little more-the best thing about this list is that every once in
a while a question/problem is solved saving someone out there time, money,
hair, stress, whatever by someone putting in a little time into somebody's
plea for help.  I think that a few  ARE working their buts off doing just
that, so maybe some of us who could can help out some more or be a little
more vocal?

Of course, the question remains, 52,347,685,628 threads,messages,phone
calls, prank faxes, snail mails, complaints to powerless Audi parts desk
guys, etc. etc., what the $^@!%! is the best way to get the @#$&^@#@#&^@%&#
headlights better?  Same goes for fog/driving lights!  It's almost as bad
as Apple's product line!  Someone asks "what's the best computer for me?",
and nobody can figure it out! (And, no, don't you dare write me about euro
headlights. I'm so sick of seeing replys that say "go out and get some euro
lights-they're worth the extra $$$!! :) ".  Who has the $1000 bucks to get
'em?  If we did, we wouldn't all be asking time and time again!  I was very
interested by somebody( I forgot who) that was experimenting with projector
driving lights or something in plexi-glass that looked like the lexus-type
deals.  Very interesting-there are zillions of us out there that need
someone to build a better lightbulb. (I heard somewhere the problem was
with the 9004 bulb that wasn't positioned correctly-why hasn't someone
figured out the correct position, for christ's sake?  Or do I have my head
up my ass and the answer's on the Quattro list web page/archives?)
The question also remains for things like turbo mod's(not on the top of my
list, but very interesting, and I haven't seen a summary of this kind of
stuff) Perhaps we need some brainy guys to write up some FAQ's or
something-or again do I have my head up my ass?
There seems to be several off these ghost questions haunting the list....I
guess we need some AudiGhost-busters? :)

Sorry to waste your time-these things had just been gnawing at me for a
while and it seemed like nobody noticed...Although I must praise everybody
on the list for their mature, responsible, polite handling of the "dorf
4x4" confused person-poor innocent guy-thought he had found 4x4 truck list
=) ... although I won't even begin about what I shall only refer to as the
"how do I make the lifter noise go away" flame thread :))...thank god there
were some volunteer firefighters out there...these are the kind of people
the world needs more of!!

Happy, um......um....um......Monday? (Kick me, please!)

I'm done flailing on the good old phosphate-free-coolant-container :)
Note! My mailbox has a fire extinguisher!  Don't make me bother WITH FLAMES
LIKE THIS.  Partly-constructive critisizm only!(escpecaly wit my spellung)
Holy shit! I just looked at how long this fucking thing is!  Yikes!  Sorry-
next time I'll send a digest, hee hee!