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Re: Sunroof Switch fix (light not working)

>On Sun, 28 Jan 1996, Solomon Ngan wrote:
>> Hi Robert,
>> My sunroof swithc light has been acting "funny" for a few months 
>> already.  I wonder if you may relate to that.  The light comes on 
>> when I start the car.  After about 10 seconds, the light would go 
>Mine does EXACTLY the same thing on my 20V.  And given the stupidity of 
>audi and their electricals, who knows what its doing!
>Will the fix that is posted work for these switches as well??

Wow... as I've mentioned, mine's the same.  This seems like a
more wide-spread phenomenon than I thought.  I've even looked in
my owner's manual in case there's a paragraph of explanation 
about the "new improved flashing sunroof switch".  Have any of
us tried to see if it flashes to the beat of the music?  Kinda like
one of those "light-organs" that were so popular back in the 70's.
That's what I'm telling people, anyway.  "It's SUPPOSED to do
that.  You think I'd pay this kind of money for a car with a NON-
FLASHING sunroof light? C'mon..."    

This reminds me:  my last car was a 1987 Coupe GT with the
digital dash (best-looking digital dash I've ever seen, b.t.w...), and
from time to time, it would change from full frightness to full dim,
randomly.  (anybody else???)  I used to tell people it was a built-in
radar detector that would flash the dash-lighting in the presence of
police radar.  "Oh, those crafty Germans!"

Oh well, I still love my car...

     "Say, would ya like a MONKEY...?"