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Re: A4 q

> Thanks for all the replies! > > I should have known to be a little more
specific. Since the car comes > almost fully loaded its easier to list
what options I'm NOT getting. > > 1.  Cell phone (have a hand held), 2.
sports wheel- list $150., 3. Radio > freq. remote- list $190. 3. Audi Bose
- list ??? ( is this really > needed? the standard sound good) 4. CD
changer list approx $600.00 > The car I want is Brilliant black (I guess
better the black) with Ecru > leather (tan). > > The dealer's list is
$32,175 and his first offer to me was $29,970 with > dest. charges (tax
not included). > > I was thinking if I can get him to included the CD
player, and I pay his > price for the sports wheel and Radio freq remote,
I may have a FAIR > deal. > > What do you all think. > > Thanks

Sounds pretty good.  Total profit in sticker is about $3400, he took off

Eric Schumacher>