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Re: Suspension

Hairy green toads from Mars made Joe Yakubik say:

> I know you outlined the cost of your suspension project on the quattro digest,
> but I can't find that post now.  I think there was a breakdown of prices for the
> individual bushings.  What I am interested in are the prices for the bushings
> in/around the subframe.  I am going to drop the subframe (or have it done) and
> replace the tranny mounts and the engine mounts and figure I might as well do
> the bushings while I have it down.

Recovered from those WONDERFUL hypertext archives:

	L/R transaxle to frame mounts	$12.36 x 2
	front subframe bushings		$38.03 x 2, $21.15 x 2
	upper tower (strut) bearing	$30.18 x 2
	sway bar bushings		$5.85  x 2
	spindle-arm RCA(*) bushings	$33.21 x 4
	front pivot RCA(*) bushings	$44.96 x 2
	inner pivot RCA(*) bushings	$10.31 x 2
	TOTAL:				$458.52 plus shipping

* - RCA = Rear Control Arm

> How's your door, was it the broken gear or the slipped rod?

I believe it was the broken gear. My mechanic said he could fix it
while it was being re-bushinged. Apaprently, he was wrong :-(
He tried three times, once to repair, twice to replace, and he
couldn't get the right parts. I'm going to get them from the dealer
and drop it off, with the swaybar AudiDudi should be getting me (:-)
for some more work.


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