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RE: My new '83 TQC

Welcome Lori,

I too have an 83 tqc. There are numerous other tqc owners on the list,
so this is the place to ask the questions.

>Were fog lights available as an option, if so what are the correct
>fog lights and is there a source for them?
>If factory fog lights were not offered, then what has typically been
>used on these cars as an after market add-on?

Not on the US cars. The euro cars have fog lights mounted in
the bumpers.  In most of the fog light installations I have seen on
US cars, the lights are mounted below the front bumper. There is
a factory fog light switch which can be purchasedfrom the
dealer for that OEM look.

>I would like to find a sales brochure for 1983, would anyone have one
>available to sell or be willing to copy one for me?

I have one for the 83, 84 and 85 models. I bought them from Walter Miller
in Syracuse, NY. He deals in auto literature and usually has old brouchures.
I have also bought stuff from Schriff auto literature. These places are 
in Hemmings Motor News every month.

>Is there a definitive book on Audi (something like the Buyers Guide
>series) that would describe year by year features, technical
>specifications, options, caveats, etc.?  I have looked in vain since
>I bought my 90Q four years ago. . .

Yes, there are a couple of books. Some are out of print and hard to come
by. Here is the list of books from the ur-q FAQ which detail the ur-q and
its development.

Audi Quattro : The Development and Competition History, Jeremy Walton
1984 Haynes Publishing Group
Sparkford, Yeovil, Somerset,
BA22 7JJ, England
ISBN: 0-85429-410-4

Audi Quattro, Alan Henry
1984 Arco Publishing Inc
215 ParkAvenue South
N.Y., N.Y.  10003
ISBN: 0-668-06144-8

Audi Quattro, Graham Robson
1984 Motor Racing Publications
32 Devonshire Road,
Chiswick, London,
W4 24D, England
ISBN: 0-900549-88-2

Rallying : The 4 Wheel Drive Revolution, Graham Robson
1986 Haynes Publishing Group
Sparkford, Yeovil, Somerset,
BA22 7JJ, England
ISBN: 0-85429-723-5

The Audi Quattro Rally Guide, Kimberly

oad & Track on Audi &Auto Union, 1980 - 1986, Road & Track
Brookland Books Distribution LTD
Holmerise, Seven Hills Road
Cobham, Surrey,
KT11 1ES, England
ISBN: 0-948207-88-4

Audi Sport Quattro, Jurgen Lewandowski
1989 Sudwest Verlag GnbH & Co kg Munchn
ISBN: 3-517-01155-X

Audi Quattro Gold Portfolio 1980-1991
Brookland Books LTD
P.O. Box 146
Cobham, Surrey,
KT11 1LG, UK
ISBN: 1-85520-3030

>I gather that the quattro system has undergone improvements over the
>years.  Can anyone describe to me the evolution of quattro technology?
> Should I expect any handling differences in my new 83?  (I dont
>want to be rudely surprised the first time I drive this car on an icy

The ur-q has the first generation of quattro drive whereas your 90q has
the second generation. The 83 has lockable center and rear differentials
which make the center driveshaft and rear axels to rotate at the same
speed. Your 90q has a TORSEN center diff and lockable rear diff which
automatically unlocks above 15 mph or so. There is a bunch of material
in the archives about the various quattro drive systems and their evolution.
You should check it out.

>I have lots more questions but will stop now before this gets any
>longer.  Thanks in advance to anyone who can help me!

You're  welcome.
Dave Lawson  dlawson@ball.com
83 tqc
86 gt