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Re: My new '83 TQC

I have a sale broc + a reprint from Car and Driver on their road test.  
Please send you address and I'll pop a copy of each in s-mail.

'83 TQC & a couple of VW 16V's

On Sun, 28 Jan 1996, MS LORI K SCHNEIDER wrote:

> Hi guys,
> I hadnít intended to de-lurk quite so soon but I bought a car 
> yesterday and I have a lot of questions about it.  I was looking for 
> an early Ď90ís Audi 90 quattro to replace my Ď88 90Q.  Then I found 
> an Ď83 turbo quattro coupe and bought it yesterday.  It is Mars red 
> with chocolate leather, has 78,000 miles, very clean, very quick and 
> I am just delighted!  I know these cars are rare and desirable and I 
> want to learn as much about my car as I can.  I did get an ownerís 
> manual, but I am looking for more information, such as:
> Were fog lights available as an option, if so what are the correct 
> fog lights and is there a source for them?
> If factory fog lights were not offered, then what has typically been 
> used on these cars as an after market add-on?
> I would like to find a sales brochure for 1983, would anyone have one 
> available to sell or be willing to copy one for me?
> Is there a definitive book on Audi (something like the Buyers Guide 
> series) that would describe year by year features, technical 
> specifications, options, caveats, etc.?  I have looked in vain since 
> I bought my 90Q four years ago. . .
> I gather that the quattro system has undergone improvements over the 
> years.  Can anyone describe to me the evolution of quattro technology?
>   Should I expect any handling differences in my new Ď83?  (I donít 
> want to be rudely surprised the first time I drive this car on an icy 
> road.)
> I have lots more questions but will stop now before this gets any 
> longer.  Thanks in advance to anyone who can help me!
> Lori Schneider
> Ď83 TQC
> Ď88 90Q
> Ď87 Porsche 930
> Ď79 Chevy Blazer (my husbandís daily driver -- he says heís going to 
> trade it for a VW Thing)

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