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Ask not what your quattro list can do for you ...

I read a post earlier today from someone who said that others are leaving 
the list because they got no response from anyone on the list with respect 
to the problems that they had.  Let me say this about that ... and remember 
this is only my opinion.

I wish that I could respond to everyone to help them with their problems.  
I do respond to the few where I believe that I have appropriate experience, 
but there are reasons why I can't respond to all of them.

The primary and obvious reason is the fact that I do not get paid (at least 
not directly) for the time I spend posting to the list.  I try to give as 
much information as I can, but a reasonable person could count the number 
of postings which request information and multiply this by the several min-
utes it takes to put together a message to arrive at the realization that 
something has to give ... I do try to offer my assistance as much as poss-
ible, because I don't expect to be able to get anything from the list unless 
I contribute my little bit ... usually before or after work, or at lunch-
time like this post ...

Another thing that people who post to the quattro list should be cognizant 
is that th'aint too many of some types of cars out there, so there may not 
be someone on the list with direct experience with the problem you have or 
just happen to have that little tidbit of information you are requesting.  
I have experience on several Audi models (Fox, urQ and late model 5k), but 
I've never spent much time getting familiar with 4ks, 80s, 90s, V8Qs, A*s, 
S*s, AvusQs, etc.  For this reason I don't know if my experience applies to 
those models and I am more hesitant to respond.  If a problem seems similar 
to one that I have experienced I will offer caveats with my suggestions.  

When I post a request to the list and get no response, I assume that one or 
more of the above principles is operating.  If it is something I really 
need to know I try other avenues to satisfy my thirst for knowledge, but I 
do get responses more often than not.  We should also keep in mind that a 
number of responses are made via direct e-mail due to the way that the ser-
ver is set up.  If I don't think that there is much general interest in a 
particular subject (or if I say something I don't want Thompson to hear :) 
I do not copy the list with my response.  So, just because you don't see 
any responses on the list that doesn't mean that they aren't happening.  
BTW - if I see someone mention that they are reposting a request I'll be a 
little more likely to respond to them if I might be able to help.  

In closing I want to say that I'm sorry to hear that people are not staying
on the list for a while to see what good things are available ... it is a 
loss to the list as well, but you gotta make your own decisions.  And every-
one on the list needs to keep in mind that, as far as I know, noone is getting
paid to help others with their problems on the list (not even Dan S).  I am 
grateful to all of you out there who have taken the time to provide me with
information, and I hope that I can continue to help the list in the future.

Steve Buchholz
San Jose, CA (USA)

PS for Dan Simoes - I sent a couple of messages to you at <dans@ans.net> that
bounced.  One was a posting for the ads on the web page, but the other was an
attempt to find out what you needed in the way of help for the FAQ that you
were requesting on the web-page as well.