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FOR SALE: 1984 4KS

I will soon be moving to Dayton, OH and have decided to sale my current
Audi before I go.  Here are the details:

	1984 4000S
	155,300 miles
	Automatic, Dark Gray exterior, Blue interior, Pwr locks,
	Pwr Winodws, Sunroof, AM/FM cassette
	Asking price: $1750
I'm the original owner and haven't had any problems with the car in all
of the years that my wife and I have driven it.  Once I relocate to Ohio,
I'll be looking for another Audi (maybe a Quattro, finally) to replace 
it with.

 Jeff Woodard
 508.393.3260 (home)
 508.467.6477 (work)